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5 Reasons to Own Original Art

Most of my wall space is covered with my own paintings, luckily my husband is very happy with that. But even with wall space being at a premium, I have purchased original art from other artists. Because when I saw it I had to have it, I loved the way it made me feel.

Original Art "Floating Harmony"

Here are my five reasons to buy original art: 1. Has it's own energy. It brings life and energy. Good original artwork really provides a boost to one's quality of life. It can sooth and uplift the spirit. How wonderful to be able to own an object that does that for you. To have it at home or in your workplace.

2. Make a statement and show off. Associate yourself with a luxury item. Original art imbues its owners with an aura of intellectual or cultural sophistication. Each work of art is a unique object and you can feel rather pleased with yourself for grabbing a rarity.

3. Reflecting the world back at you that creates a connection.

At least that's true of my artwork! Having lived abroad and traveled the world, I feel I have an expanded world view. I bring that experience and perspective when creating an atmosphere in my paintings that are about the connection we all seek - to ourselves.

4. It's so beautiful! "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." The poet John Keats understood the ethereal nature of beauty. Beauty changes the way you and the room feels. It makes you happy and feel good.

5. A luxury you can easily afford with me! When you buy original art from me you can, if you choose to, make payments over time. Monthly installments is the most common way people buy art from me, and I'm happy to set it up according to the wishes of the buyer. It's the same with commissions, with portraits or any subject that you'd love to bring into existence.

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