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The Cardinal Directions for this Series.

I recently finished the fourth and final painting in The Completion Series - The Glory of God (Returns to the Temple). Ten years to complete this series, I started the first painting - The Labyrinth Painting - in 2010 just as I returned back to the States after living in Europe for almost 20 years. However, the first painting I actually finished was The Ascension Painting. Completing The Labyrinth Painting came next followed by In the Garden.

Original Art "Floating Harmony"

Each painting has a specific cardinal direction assigned to it, or specific wall upon which it is to be placed.

Gustave Dore original

I have an open plan in my home that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen so the four paintings are not exactly across from each other. And on the western end of the house I have doubled up The Ascension Painting giclees to include a very large giclee print in my art studio.

And upstairs I also have The Labyrinth Painting in the guest room on a North wall.

All gicless of The Glory of God (returns to the Temple) are discounted 20% through

June 8th!

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