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The World is YOURS to Create!
You are someone who values yourself and you want to feel good.

You are seeking a deeper connection with yourself and you wish to connect more fully with your own power. You wish to have your home impacted in a way that expands you and also makes you feel peaceful. Where your home is your sanctuary.

You are excited at the idea of how original art will make you feel uplifted. You want to enhance your environment with beautiful art - not just for beauty's sake, but because it elevates your mood and your outlook on life. You make time to take care of yourself and connect with what's most important to you.

My work is meant to assist people to create a profound and lasting connection to their inner self, while elevating the beauty of their physical space.

Those who love my work are not necessarily “buyers” or “collectors” in the traditional sense, but rather, seekers who want to surround themselves with art that uplifts, inspires and creates a peaceful environment, where they can leave the noise of the outside world behind and contemplate what is truly important.

After getting my BFA (hons) in Illustration from Syracuse University, I began my career in commercial art in the Albany NY area as an illustrator, designer and art director. But it wasn't enough, I wanted be excited about my work and my life. So throwing all caution to the wind, I decided at the age of 30 to get on a plane to London and then ended up staying in Europe for almost twenty years. Still doing my art full time both in commercial and fine art painting, I managed to live and travel throughout Europe, living mostly in Ireland and France as an EU resident.


I marveled at the fantastic greens of the Irish landscape and the play of sunlight between the never ending rain clouds. I spent time in the museums and cathedrals of France. I was captivated by the Renaissance paintings, their imagery, allegory and symbolism. There was majesty and beauty covered in gild with a side of resplendence. In Paris, I was able to explore many exceptional materials at hand in the creating of an oil painting. When I was an artist in residence at the Atelier rue des Tournelles, I learned techniques with oil glazing that bring with it depth and saturation of color. I love the intensity of vibrant saturated colors created by layering, they seem to have the ability to breathe as they are not flat. They feel alive to me.


Now I'm back in the States and I've brought back an excitement for my work and life. I am driven to create beautiful things because I feel profoundly connected and clear when I am creating them. Beauty is tangible, it is a quality that something has that gives you pleasure, it pleases the senses – it brings you to a better feeling place. My painting is about bringing beauty into being and enhancing a feeling of connection to yourself. And it's about telling a story, with hidden meaning and symbolism that engages the viewer into the journey where they get to their own place of knowing. My desire is to make art for the lovers of beauty and those that seek a greater sense of connection and clarity.

"The painting is amazing and it takes on different qualities of beauty in different lights. I am so happy to have this breathtaking piece and marvel at it each and every day! Not only is Sheila a gifted artist, she is an exceptional person with a deep appreciation of the human spirit along with a kind and gracious soul. If you are considering a piece from her collection or commissioning her for a portrait or other work of art, do it! You will not be disappointed and your expectations will be greatly exceeded. Having a piece of her art is a special gift but the experience of working with and knowing Sheila is the true gift to treasure."  Carol B. Charleston, SC

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