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Dear Sweet Turtles

I recently finished a commission that was a Christmas gift to a friend of the buyer.

"All Excited Today" and "Peaceful Bright Morning" Oil on canvas 12 x 12inches

They are a pair of Sea Turtles that will be in part of her home that she considers a sanctuary away from the demands of her busy life.

Painting in progress.
Painting in progress.

A very enjoyable project for me because I could let loose with colors I love on a subject I love for people I love!

The paintings have a gallery wrap.

They are 12 x 12 inches each, I used heavy duty canvases with a gallery wrap and painted the sides so they are finished without the need to frame them.

Here's what the gift receiver wrote when she got the paintings:

The Dear Sweet Turtles just arrived!!

They are amazing!

The Colors, the Detail.

They are ALIVE. All Excited Today (left) and Peaceful Bright Morning (right) are available as fine art giclees in my Shop.

Sea Turtle Painting
Sea Turtle Painting

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