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Symbolism Make Over

I'm working on a commission where I'm taking an existing painting from a few years ago and painting out two of the images and replacing them with specific symbols that have meaning to the buyer.

"Looking Forward to Being Home" Oil on canvas 48 x 30 inches

Archetypes and symbolism light my fire! I love it when a client resonates with the beauty and power of images that personally supports them in the life they are actively creating.

Painting white over some of the image.
The Blue Heron begins to appear.

On this canvas, I'm starting to replace the flamingos with a Blue Heron, you can still see some of the flamingos within the Heron. The Blue Heron is a symbol for an abundant sea. And, if you are seeking peace and serenity, this bird will guide you on a journey to find calm and soothing waters.

Monarch Butterfly
The dragonfly begins to take shape.

The Monarch Butterfly will soon be a dragonfly. Here is the beginning idea of the new symbol. The dragonfly is about pure magnificent potential! Dragonfly leads you through the mists of change and illusion where you find your true power and hear

the wisdom of your soul. This is a fun project for me, it feels like an entirely new and fresh painting as I'm working!

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