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Let Me Tell You a Story

The last few weeks I've been creating a content marketing video for a wonderful company (with the help of my exceptionally wonderful husband) where I use many of my paintings as visuals to tell a story about their product.

Sheila on camera

We all love stories, every night I so look forward to reading a few pages of my current novel waiting to fall asleep in bed. I get excited wondering what's going to happen next to the protagonist. Of course, we are our own hero in our story, that's why stories are so captivating - we want to see how others are choosing in which way they go through their contrast and how it changes them.

Video editor.

I begin the video saying "My role as an artist is to capture and portray the essence of the unseen." I tell the story more directly with images, bypassing the mind and going to your own knowing. There's something that's connecting you with these paintings - it's telling the story of the adventure that is life. And hopefully after each hero's journey the colors are a little brighter and the chocolate is even more delicious.

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