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Soothing the Ravaged

On the left hand side of the painting titled "The Glory of God"- opposite the violent upheaval with the volcano and tornado and and rivers of fire, is a composition with the living water flowing to sooth the ravaged heart and mind.

Living Water

At top the cliff are two twinned Trees of Life. Their roots and their branches meet and are joined with the water flowing under the roots.

Twin Trees of Life

The living water is cascading next to the cave where King David sought refuge from Saul, the cave of Adullam. Above this cave is a mantle (mantel) symbolizing preeminence or authority.

Cave of Adullam

Frankincense and Myrrh

Below the water I've painted both a tree of Frankincense and Myrrh which denote kingship on earth and deity.

Soothing the Ravaged

In the far distance is a calm landscape. "The Glory of God" continues to be a work in progress, very much in process today are the seven trumpeters!

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