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Connect with yourself and the vitality of life.

Bring beauty and vibrancy into your home.

"Through Sheila's painting, the room feels vibrant, creative, peaceful and mine. What she created is rich and lush and more than I could have ever imagined. I love the piece which continues to delight me every day."  Carol M. St. Petersburg, FL

Thou hast ravished b.jpg
They Cast Lots.jpg
My Throne is Upon a Column 1.jpg
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A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it
will never pass into nothingness;

but still will

keep a bower
of quiet for
us, and a
sleep full of sweet dreams,
and health,
and quiet breathing.”

John Keats

Hello & Welcome!

Hi, I’m fine artist and painter Sheila Kern. I specialize in portraits, landscape, and surrealism. I work primarily in oil on canvas in the realist style.

Sheila Kern.jpg

My work is meant to assist people to create a connection with their authentic self, while elevating the beauty of their physical space.

Those who love my work are not necessarily “buyers” or “collectors” in the traditional sense, but rather, seekers who want to surround themselves with art that uplifts, inspires and creates a peaceful environment, where they can leave the noise of the outside world behind and contemplate what is truly important.

Sea of Tranquility 1.jpg
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Key of Sea 1.jpg
insityou_mare 1.jpg
insityou_key d.jpg

Original art brings life to a space like nothing else can. I use traditional painting methods with Sennelier Artists' Extra Fine oil paint with walnut oil glazing.

Not ready to invest in original art?  My giclees are of exceptional quality with extra fine detail, printed by David Kaminsky of Savannah Color Separation in Savannah, GA.

"I have commissioned several portraits from Sheila and purchased her entire Completion Series as well. The variety and depth of art I have as a result is truly indescribable.  I have one of Sheila's paintings in every room in our house.  Sheila's art captures our uniqueness, our nobility, our grandeur and gives us all a sense of being larger than life! I love the way I feel when I conceive and create paintings with her - it's like I'm the artist! If you are considering working with Sheila you should proceed with confidence! You will not be disappointed."  Virginia S. Charlotte, NC

Isabelle at Home in Paris_
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Would you like to learn about creating a meaningful custom painting?

Commission a Painting

Greenville SC  |  Email:

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