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My initial experience with Sheila Kern was commissioning a portrait of my boyfriend with a unique characteristic: I wanted the painting to reflect his spiritual dimensions - not his face or physical body! It was perfect. Since that time I have commissioned several portraits from Sheila and purchased her entire Completion Series as well. The variety and depth of art I have as a result is truly indescribable.  I have one of Sheila's paintings in every room in our house.  Sheila's art captures our uniqueness, our nobility, our grandeur and gives us all a sense of being larger than life! She is as masterful in the spiritual realms as she is with a physical paintbrush. She is able to work with several different mediums and her attention to detail is something I feel compelled to point out to everyone who visits and admires her work. And, she is as delightful as a person as she is amazing as an artist.It has been my deep honor to work with Sheila. I love the way I feel when I conceive and create paintings with her - it's like I'm the artist! If you are considering working with Sheila you should proceed with confidence! You will not be disappointed.
Virginia G. Charlotte, NC

I first met Sheila at her studio in Paris, where she was painting beautiful art using fresh flowers from a shop down the street as her models.  I bought a pair of tulip paintings, which led to a hummingbird and lily painting, which led at commissioning a piece to go over the headboard of my bed.  I was living in an apartment with plain white walls and space that did not feel like my own.  All I knew was that I wanted two giant poppies, which I fell in love with in France. Sheila helped me refine and develop her and my vision for the piece.  What she created is rich and lush and more than I could have imagined.  Through this painting, the room feels vibrant, creative, peaceful and mine.  I love the piece which continues to delight me every day. 

Working with Sheila was easy and straight forward. She interviewed me extensively, but gently, helping me fully develop my vision of the painting I wanted. I was so pleasantly surprised by the process, not realizing how seriously she would take into account my input. I don’t feel I am very creative, so I thought I would just tell her the main subject of the piece and the size I wanted and leave it up to her to surprise me. Which, with her talent, she could have easily done. However, Sheila wanted me to love the final product and contacted me throughout the development to be sure she created exactly what I wanted. And she did, but with more!  She infused the painting with added meaning and creative design I couldn’t have imagined.
Carol M. St. Petersburg, FL

I became enchanted with the Art of Sheila Kern during an Art Night Show she was featured in at one of our offices. I had the pleasure of helping to hang her art for the opening night gala and though I had seen her works on her website and a few in person previously, I was absolutely enchanted (there is just no other word) as the pieces came out of their cases and we began to place them around the office for display. One piece in particular drew me in from the moment I saw it, her work called, "Azure Illusions". Every time I walked by that piece, I stopped and just felt drawn to it and each time I looked at it, it was even more beautiful. You can see an image of this incredible piece on her website but the original hangs in our home since I knew I had to have it! It is amazing and it takes on different qualities of beauty in different lights. Sheila knew this particular piece had me by the heart and she worked with me to make it affordable offering a payment plan that I could manage. I am so happy to have this breath-taking piece and marvel at it each and every day! Not only is Sheila a gifted artist, she is an exceptional person with a deep appreciation of the human spirit along with a kind and gracious soul. If you are considering a piece from her collection or commissioning her for a portrait or other work of art, do it! You will not be disappointed and your expectations will be greatly exceeded. Having a piece of her art is a special gift but the experience of working with and knowing Sheila is the true gift to treasure.
Carol B. Charleston, SC

Sheila’s artwork is more than art, each piece tells a story that draws the viewer into the piece. She has an amazing talent for fine detail. Every painting is a conversation piece that guests in my home enjoy. When you purchase a piece of art, it arrives carefully packaged. Her artwork are timeless artifacts everyone will enjoy.

Deborah W. Cornelius, NC

As a long time admirer of fine art and also the desire to surround myself with color that moves me, when I discovered the art of Sheila Kern and her gorgeous style I felt a perfect match had occurred! I have several pieces placed in my environment that inspire daily exhilaration for me and my family. To have this kind of beautiful artwork available is a pure gift to my world! Thank you forevermore, Sheila! 
Alison C. Seattle, WA

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