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The Ascension Painting


Premium quality archival

giclee prints are available!

This painting of the Throne of God, complete with the archetypes of the Lamb, the Four Beasts and the Elders, is a representation of an expansive understanding of our Ascension. The enigmatic figure of the empowered Christ suggests that physical Enlightenment is available to “whosoever will” [Book of Revelation 22:17].

I made this theme of the divine nature of God the central motif of the portrait. The background mise-en-scène also plays an interior role. The Tree of Life, prominently figured behind the throne, represents the transitional state from information as a basis of authority to knowing as the root of Power. The cognitive drama include many aspects within God’s throne room, including the crystal sea of glass and symbols of an empire in The Crown Jewels. With its spatial coherence and atmospheric implications, the equilibrium of this piece imply a controlled majesty that is fitting for a Queen or a King.

Premium quality archival giclee prints of The Ascension Painting are available in the Shop.

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